Turismo de Portugal: Can’t Skip Freedom

Jack is a man who thinks life is slipping through his fingers. He can hardly breathe, he feels overwhelmed by his daily routine. He sets off to see a new world, to get lost amidst the light that a new place brings. Chloe is a young lady who’s tired of feeling uninspired with life. She wants joy, she wants enthusiasm, she wants beauty. She leaves for a place where she finds herself seduced by history, by old traditions dressed as new, by a new life. Klaus has a whole lifetime behind him, but he feels that he missed out on something important: living. Here he finds new talents, tries new hobbies, discovers new flavours. He knows that it’s never too late to change his life.

Can't Skip Freedom

Video of Can't Skip Freedom

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Meed: Chi & Pho

Meed is a financial technology application that believes the biggest financial asset we have is ourselves. Our earning power over the years and how we manage our money. With a function called SocialBoost, Meed provides every subscriber with an opportunity to earn from their network. To launch and promote SocialBoost, Dinosaur Vietnam created a film that tells a real life story of a friendship between a street side coffee vendor and one of his customers. Thus demonstrating how a little support, same as SocialBoost, at the right time can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Meed | Chi and Pho

Video of Meed | Chi and Pho

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