RaceTrac: Sound of Winning

The demand for higher quality and diversified food items at c-stores continues to rise. RaceTrac’s strategic focus on improving and promoting their new food offerings, in addition to developing deeper relationships with its customers has led to a new summer program that rewards its guests for their loyalty. Starting in early July, RaceTrac is rewriting the winning playbook with “Wintastic Rewards,” a brand new instant win game played via the brand’s app.

The gamification strategy behind the program mechanic is rooted in what we know about RaceTrac’s most loyal customers who likely already have the app; and are excited about the opportunity to instantly win by making a qualifying in-store purchase for a 1-in-3 chance to win in-store offers. To bring this to life, RaceTrac in partnership with R/GA Austin, refreshed the design and UX within its pre-existing app, as well as added a new section to support the Wintastic Rewards program.

Video of RaceTrac Wintastic Rewards: Sound of Winning

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Nike: SB Shoemate

Skating might not be the best thing on earth for your shoes. When skating, one of your shoes gets normally the worst part, while the other one remains almost intact. We wanted to give these survivor-shoes a good purpose, donating them to people that really need them, so they don’t end up thrown away along with their destroyed pair.

Video of Nike SB Shoemate

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