Free Photoshop Brushes Deal Extended

The Free Photoshop Brush promotion is extended for two more weeks. We had a really successful launch and a such a great response to the promotion we’ve decided to keep this deal going longer. If you’re hearing about this for the first time, we are are giving away a Photoshop brush bundle of 66 brushes valued at $40. Get the Free Photoshop Brush Bundle Vol 1 here. It’s free until time runs out.

Free Photoshop Brushes Bundle

It would help us a lot if you can get the word out about this amazing deal. Here’s a couple of tweets you can use to make things easier. Or you can tweak them however you like.

“Free brush bundle from @designfruit ($40 value) time is running out. Please RT.”

“@designfruit extended the Free brush bundle ($40 value) for 2 more weeks. Please RT.”

Thank you customers, fans, friends and family for all your support on a great launch.

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