Geico: The Best of GEICO

The debate has been raging for years: what’s the greatest GEICO ad of all time? Finally, after decades of speculation and pent-up demand, GEICO has decided to let folks settle the matter once and for all.

Introducing “The Best of GEICO” – a collection of commercials spanning 25 years, curated down to the top ten ads. These greatest hits will re-air on TV and online for the next few months, while America gets to vote on their favorite. Simply visit to view and vote today!

But wait, there’s more: When you vote, you can also enter for a chance to appear in an upcoming GEICO commercial. That’s right, just vote and enter through Feb. 5, 2019 and you could become a part of advertising history.

GEICO is one of the few brands with enough consumer awareness and a big enough repertoire of memorable marketing to pull off a Best Of campaign. It’s a first for the advertising industry – and certainly a first for the insurance category.

Video of Vote for your favorite GEICO commercial – GEICO Insurance

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